19th Century Southern Presbyterian Works

Many of the works of the 19th Century Southern Presbyterians have been long forgotten. Thankfully some have not. I had the privilege of reading many of them during my time in seminary, and am glad to see that some of the lesser known volumes are still in print. Here is a list of Southern Presbyterian works that I know you will benefit from. You will find that many of these are links to free PDF versions of the books!

1. Writings of Thomas Peck (Peck’s “Notes on the Apocalypse” are especially helpful chapters, as are his lectures on the book of Acts)

2. Stuart Robinson The Church of God (You have to scroll down some on the page to find the link)

3. Charles Colcock Jones The History of the Church of God (A wonderful blend of Systematic and Biblical Theology)

4. John L. Girardeau Sermons

5. John Holt Rice Essay on Baptism

5. Stuart Robinson Discourses of Redemption (A masterful Southern Presbyterian Biblical Theology)

6. R.L. Dabney Discussions and Evangelical Eloquence.

7. John L. Girardeau Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism.

8. Stuart Robinson and Thomas Peck ed. Presbyterial Critic vol. 1 and Presbyterial Critic vol. 2

9. Moses Hoge Sermons Selected from the Manuscripts (Moses Hoge was one of the influential figures in the life of Archibald Alexander, the first professor of Princeton Theological Seminary. He is remembered as being one of the leading evangelical Calvinist among the Southern Presbyterians of the revival period. This particular edition of his sermons is from the library of Samuel Miller, the second professor of Princeton Seminary.)

10) John Holt Rice Sermon on the Importance of Gospel Ministry (Preached at the Opening of the Presbytery of Hanover)

There are also some very helpful biographies on particular Southern Presbyterians:

1) Morton Smith’s Studies in Southern Presbyterian Theology

2) Douglas Kelly’s Preachers with Power

3) Henry Alexander White’s Southern Presbyterian Leaders

4) Iain Murray’s Heroes

5) Sean Michael Lucas’ Robert Lewis Dabney

6)William Maxwell A Memoir of John Holt Rice

7) George A. Blackburn The Life Work of John L. Girardeau

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