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  1. Thanks for the link Nick. I have been going to that conference since 2004, and have really enjoyed it. Terry Johnson’s lectures have been one of the highlights of each conference. Once they get it up there, be sure to listen to Mike Campbell’s sermon from a few years back (I think 2006?). It was excellent.

  2. Nicholas T. Batzig

    James, are you going this year too. I am planning on coming with the Independent Presbyterian group. If you are, we should meet up.

  3. Matt Holst


    I too can vouch for Mike Campbell’s sermon – one of the most memorable sermons i have heard in many years. The other really memorable Twin Lakes experience was Peter Jones’ translation and exposition of Romans 1. I don’t use this word very often, but it was simply breathtaking!.
    I’m glad FPJ have started to put these audios up for everyone to hear.

    Just remember Nick, take care where you sit!. 🙂


  4. Nicholas T. Batzig


    Thanks for asking. Things are very busy here. Please pray that the Lord will give strength and wisdom as I seek to plant and water seeds. I am planning on being at Twin Lakes. We should definitely meet up. Blessings to you in your labors in Columbia.

  5. Nicholas T. Batzig

    Thanks for this Andrew. I will be at twin Lakes this year, Lord willing. I would love to meet you there. I will be traveling down with Terry Johnson and the Independent Presbyterian ministers, so you should be able to find me if you find that group. Thanks again.

  6. Nice,
    I’ve recently heard about this pulpit at Independent. Got any pictures of it? I’m wondering if it is as big as the one at RTS Jackson chapel. Preaching from there feels like you are on a mountain.

    You guys should put some pictures up of yourselves on the Contributors link. Then I will know who to look for.

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