IPC Lord’s Supper Conference

Independent Presbyterian Church, in Savannah, GA, will be hosting a conference on the Lord’s Supper this Thursday, February 4th and Friday, February 5th. Dr. Hughes Oliphant Olds will give three lectures dealing with Calvin and Knox on the doctrine and administration of the Lord’s Supper as well as presentations from Terry Johnson and Ron Parrish. If you are anywhere near the Savannah area, I would highly recommend this conference. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday – Feb 4

-starting at 4pm – Dr. Olds – “Calvin’s Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper”

-starting at 7pm – Dr. Olds – “Calvin’s Celebration of the Lord’s Supper”

-Reception following from 8-9pm

Friday – Feb 5

–starting 9am – Terry Johnson – “The Theology of the Lord’s Supper and Its Administration”

–starting 10:15am – Ron Parrish – “John Willison and the Evangelical Use of the Lord’s Supper”

–starting 11:30am – Dr. Olds – “John Knox and the sign of the Table”

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