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As the week winds down, I figured I’d share a few preaching resources that have been of use to me lately.  R. L. Dabney’s book Evangelical Eloquence: A Course of Lectures on Preaching is an excellent book detailing the importance of preaching well.  I recently wrote a post at Historia Salutis explaining how Dabney considered preaching to be an art and that given the nature of the message, we have a duty not only to preach, but to preach well.

John Calvin’s sermons on Genesis 1-11 have now been published by Banner of Truth Trust.  This excellent hardcover edition is something every pastor in our tradition should pick up.  Though I prefer to leave it to the end of the writing process, reading sermons from Godly men who have gone before us is a tremendously edifying activity.

Another collection of sermons that demonstrates a healthy use of a redemptive-historical approach is Grace & Glory, a collection of sermons by Geerhardus Vos delivered at the chapel of Princeton Seminary.  The current edition in print includes a helpful foreward by R. Scott Clark.

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  1. Brothers,

    I’m a student at Greenville Seminary and was profoundly impressed with a recent special lecture titled “The Extemporaneous Mode of Preaching” by Dr. John Carrick (OPC). It’s a powerful address that compares this mode of preaching to other methods such as sermon reading and sermon reciting. Dr Carrick often calls on Dabney, among other notable preachers, to make his case.

    The lecture is located on Sermon Audio, here:

    I hope you’ll listen to it and give us your thoughts on it.

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