Building a Theological Library Google Book Style

As many have come to realize, Google Books continues to grow and to offer some amazing resources for students of theology and pastors alike. I wanted to point out some of the best books I have found on Google. You can dowload a PDF version of the entire books in many cases for free. Since this will be a huge project I will be doing some little by little. I am bginning with some worthwhile Presbyterian Magazines, Sermons, and other works. This first list will include the works of Samuel Miller that are found on Google Books. If you want to dowload the PDF you have to click the link I am providing and then look on the top of the right hand side of the page it takes you to in order to find the dowload button. Here are some of the useful, as well as some hard to find, titles:

Presbyterian Quarterly 1853
Presbyterian Quarterly 1857
Presbyterian Quarterly 1859
Presbyterian Quarterly 1860
Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review 1876
Southern Presbyterian Review 1856
Southern Presbyterian Review 1858
Southern Presbyterian Review 1859
The Christian Advocate (ed. Ashbel Green) 1826
The Christian Advocate (ed. Ashbel Green) 1829
A Series of Sermons by Alexander MacWhorter

Archibald Alexander

Annals of the Jewish Nation During the Period of the Second Temple
The Duty of Catechetical Instruction Evidences of the Christian Religion
A History of the Israelitish Nation
A Manual of Devotion for Soldiers and Sailors
The Canon of the Old and New Testament Ascertained
Outlines of Moral Science The Life of Archibald Alexander
An Introductory Essay to “Advice to a Young Christian
A History of the Colonization of West Africa

Remember: After you click on the book link you want above, you will find a dowload PDF link on the right side of the book. This means that you can download any of these books onto your computer. This is a good thing to do in case Google Books stops their service (which is something that should not happen).

Samuel Miller

A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century
The Life of Samuel Miller
A Presbyterian Reunion
Letters Concerning the Constitution and Order of the Christian Ministry
An Essay on the Ruling Elder

The Sermon Delivered at the Inauguration of the Rev. Archibald Alexander as Professor of Polemic and Didactic Theology at the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in Princeton

Report of the Presbyterian Church Case in Pennsylvania, 1839
Thoughts on Public Prayer
Letters on Unitarianism
Infant Baptism, Scriptural and Reasonable
Letters on the Eternal Sonship of Christ
The Importance of Creeds and Confessions
Letters from a Father to his Sons in College

John Witherspoon and Samuel Miller

A Serious Inquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Stage

Samuel Davies (also known as the Presbyterian missionary to Virginia) sermons have become highly sought after very expensive due to the limited printing of them by Soli Deo Gloria. Thankfully you can find several editions on Google Books. Here are the links:

Samuel Davies

Sermons on Important Subjects Vol. 1
Sermons on Important Subjects Vol. 2
Substance of Sermons (the complete collection of Davies’ sermons in one volume)
Memoir of the Rev. Samuel Davies

Thomas Smyth
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 1
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 4
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 5
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 6
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 7
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 8
The Works of Thomas Smyth vol. 9

Presbytery Not Prelacy
Ecclesiastical Republicanism
The Unity of the Human Races
The Life and Character of Calvin A Manual for the Use at the Second Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC An Ecclesiastical Catechism of the Presbyterian Church Patrick Fairbairn Typology of Scripture

Several months ago, when I began a series on book recommendations I recommended a book that is extremely difficult to find. It is James Muirhead’s Dissertations on the Foederal Transactions between God and His Church. I discovered that Muirhead’s work is now available on Google Books. Here is the link with several other links to valuable Scottish Presbyteiran works. I will be posting more Scottish Presbyterian works in the days ahead. Muirhead’s book is one of the best treatments of an 18th Century Biblical Theology:

James Muirhead

Dissertations on the Federal Transactions between God and His Church

John MacLaurin

Sermons and Essays
An Essay on the Prophecies Relating to the Messiah
The Works of the Rev. John MacLaurin
The Works of John macLaurin Vol. 1

Thomas Halyburton

Memoirs of Thomas Halyburton
The Great Concern of Salvation
Natural Religion insufficient and Revealed Necessary to Man’s Happiness
The Gospel Banner (includes some excerpts from the works of Halyburton, together with a record of his dying words)

Hugh Martin

The Atonement
The Free Church Pulpit (includes Sermons by Martin)

William McEwen

Grace and Truth, or the Glory of the Redeemer Displayed
Select Essays, Doctrinal and Practical

Ebenezer Erskine

The Assembly’s Shorter Catechism Explained
The Works of Ebenezer Erskine vol. 1

Ralph Erskine
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 1
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 3
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 4
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 5
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 6
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 7
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 8
The Works of Ralph Erskine vol. 10

Edward Fisher
The Marrow of Modern Divinity

R.L. Dabney
A Critical Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews by Francis Sampson: edited from the manuscript notes of author, by R.L. Daney A Defense of Virgnia

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