C. C. Jones’ History of the Church of God Online

I cannot believe that there is an electronic copy of this masterpiece available online. C.C. Jones’ History of the Church of God is an amazing work, written by one of the greatest, yet lesser known, Southern Presbyterians of the 19th Century. The genius of this work is found in the way that Jones attempts to blend Systematic and Biblical Theology as he treats the Old Testament Revelation. I hope that all of you will take advantage of having access to this work. It is almost impossible to find a hard copy.

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  1. Thanks for the “tip”.

    Too bad no “priestly redactors” have had time to clean up the OCR-generated text file.

    I’m going to try to convert the PDF for my kindle.

    Enjoy “Christ the Center” podcasts, even though it increases my discontentment with my local church.

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