Calvin 21: The House Wins

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary held a fine conference this week on Calvin’s enduring significance. Highlights included several fine addresses from Dr. David Murray, Ligon Duncan, and Joe Pipa on Calvin’s greatest merit: the theologian of the Holy Spirit. Derek Thomas and Joel Beeke each delivered heartfelt messages on the great value of Calvin as a theologian, exegete, and above all a pastor.

The cream of the conference: Calvin is a model for preachers of all denominations today. His commentaries invaluable, his letters reflecting tender pastoral care, his love for the church deep, yet ducking the idolatry of supreme imperial authority.

All in all PRTS are gracious hosts serving up generous discounts on books and materials and tended to the (spiritual) welfare of their guests. Audio of the conference will be availible through the PRTS website shortly. Credo Books (Gary Van Der Schaff) had a used book table with loads of good Puritan, Presbyterian, Reformed pastoral books. Check him out: (616) 249-9291.

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