“Confessing Our Faith in a Non-Confessing World” Conference (AK)

Tomorrow Burk Parsons and I fly out to Anchorage, AK to speak at a Spring Theology Conference (May 11-13) at Faith PCA (the only PCA church in Alaska). The title of the Conference is “Confessing Our Faith in a Non-Confessing World.” As the title intimates, we plan on talking about a variety of issues concerning the nature of a Confessed faith, and Confessional theology. In addition, Rev. John Jones will be lecturing on “The Nature and Role of Articulating Belief.” The Conference will be held at All Saints Episcopal Church in downtown Anchorage. If you’re in the neighborhood (way up north) we would love to see you there. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 11
On Day One of the Spring Theology Conference, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm Burk Parsons will give two talks. Afterwards, Burk and Nick will moderate a Q&A session, followed by light refreshments.

Talk 1 | Doctrine is Life: Doctrine isn’t just one small aspect of life, it is foundational to all of life. Doctrine naturally encompasses every area of life, and we cannot relegate it, keep it in its place, or ignore its effects in every area of our lives.
Talk 2 | Everyone Has a Confession: Although some might say, “My only creed is Christ,” the truth is that even their statement itself is a type of creed. Every Christian and every church has a creed, whether it’s an unchanging formally written creed of the church or a constantly changing creed of an individual, everyone has some sort of creed or confession.

Saturday, May 12
On Day Two of the Spring Theology Conference, from 9:30am to 11:30am, John Jones and Nick Batzig will give two talks followed by a Q&A session. At 11:30am, lunch will be provided at All Saints’ for all those who are interested, or you may wish to try one of the many downtown restaurants. From 12:30pm to 2:30pm, Nick will give two more talks followed by a Q&A session.
Talk 1: The Insatiable Desire to Confess, John Jones
The Nature and Role of Articulating Belief

Talk 2: Everything in It’s Place, Nick Batzig
The Importance of Systematic Theology in the Confession
Talk 3: Context is King, Nick Batzig
A History of the Composition of the Standards
Talk 4: The Cash Value of the Confession, Nick Batzig
Spiritual Experience in the Westminster Confession


You can find all the audio from the Conference here.

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  1. Hannah Renner

    I will be there! And I am rather excited to hear both you and Rev. Parsons speak.
    Although there is only 1 PCA church on Alaska, there is an OPC church as well! We were sister churches with Faith (and still are). 🙂

    Praying for safe travels!
    In Christ,

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