D.A. Carson and John Piper on Scholarship in Pastoral Ministry

Here is the link to Park Community Church’s evening of lectures with D.A. Carson and John Piper. The lectures had to do with the role of scholarship in pastoral ministry. If you have time you should listen to theses messages, as well as to the Q & A discussion. You can find the  audio, video, or manuscript of Piper’s message. D.A. Carson’s message is also available in audio, video, and manuscript format. The Q & A can be listened to in audio or video.

HT: Justin Taylor

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  1. I would like to learn exactly what my role would be shniwog up to the meeting and what should bring, etc. I am very interested but I am just a little unsure of what would be expected of me (both in this first meeting and in my total service). I will be looking forward to a reply to this. Thanks!

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