Douglas Kelly Interview and Sermon

I had the enormous privilege of sitting down with Dr. Douglas Kelly, Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC at the Twin Lakes Fellowship to get an interview for Christ the Center. The first volume of Dr. Kelly’s Systematic Theology has been published by Christian Focus. I was able to talk with Dr. Kelly about various aspects of the doctrine of the Trinity. You can listen to the Christ the Center episode here.

Not long after Twin Lakes, I was speaking with my mother (who greatly appreciates Dr. Kelly’s preaching and teaching ministry) about the interview. She gave me a sermon tape of a message Dr. Kelly gave at the dedication of Golden Isles Presbyterian Church on St. Simon’s Island, Ga (The church I went to as a teenager). There is a note of interest in Rev. Al Baker’s introduction of Dr. Kelly. The message was delivered in 1997. Al mentions the fact that Dr. Kelly was just about to take a sabbatical to work on a new book–his Systematic Theology. You can listen to this message here.

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