Enjoy the Truth that is in Christ

John 8:31-32 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The believer can boast in the fact that the character of Christ is truth; not simply that He speaks truth and does truth – but that He Himself is the truth. This should be boasted in, as He has given him freedom from the bondage of the sin that was upon his head.

Christ’s character is truth. There is no other being that can say this of himself besides Jesus Christ–who proclaimed that He is “the way, the truth and the life.” Jesus Christ is not only truth in and of Himself, but also is the truth for us–the truth that lost men need. Understanding this truth leads the believer to the reality of knowing Christ. Many men that live today have no idea of what truth is, nor do they have any realization of the one ultimate and absolute truth that exists to save mankind from sin. Knowing this truth calls the believer to delight in Christ – allowing them to partake in the truth that exists in Him. The very being of Christ’s character can, and will, set mankind free from sin. The truth that lies in His person and His work gives the lost the truth that they need to have victory over the lies that sin has fed them. This path of truth that Christ lays down for His elect gives the believer the way to truth. Oh, how great it is to know that Christ not only gives the way but is the way! This truth that is meant to be, is the truth that Christ has provided and is, is what one comes to and through so that they know their father. For there is no other means, method, or mode by which one can find and enjoy the absolute truth, without knowing the truth of Christ.

The believer must first see that they had no way to the Father; they had no way of knowing the truth, and no truth in themselves that would lead them to the path of finding God. Jesus Christ, by offering Himself up as the one-time sacrifice, has given hope to the lost in that they can come to know God the Father. For no reason other than glorifying Himself, Christ purchased the souls of those who believe, so that they may boast in Him. For the believer that knows this truth, this should be glee to their soul. The one who is bought and knows this truth that leads them to the throne of grace should never stop dwelling upon Christ and what He has done for His people. The believer must see that he was only able to walk in untruth, darkness, and condemnation without the truth that Christ provided for His people. And that is a glorious thought! The deepest detail of Christ’s truth is that of the accomplished work on His cross. It is the cross of Christ that allows mankind to know His Father’s truth. The beauty in Christ’s suffering, pain, torment, and death upon the cross, is what gives the believer joy, delight, and a life marked by communion with the Father. Jesus’ truth is the root of our faith, and is what believers need to cling to – understanding that they know the one truth that has forever been the same, and always will be. This truth of Christ is what God promised to His believers: that He would offer His Son, so that His people can know Him.

It is of primary importance for the believer to live in light of this truth and to carry out the mission of spreading the truth which has given them eternal life. This truth does not just change the believer’s life so that they can know God and keep it to themselves; but rather it calls the believer to proclaim the truth, and to live the truth not only with other believers, but in spreading this majestic truth to those who do not know it. The believer can boast in the gospel by finding the enjoyment of spreading this truth to all who do know it, and for those who do not. The fact that individuals do not know the truth of Christ calls the believer to tell all nations that Christ’s truth is the one and only way to finding enjoyment in life.

Part of boasting in this blessed gospel is living out gospel truth. This living of the truth allows others to see that the truth lives inside you. For this is just yet another reason why the truth has set the believer free – so that they can find joy in proclaiming the gospel to others, and that in return they can rejoice in seeing others know the wonderful truth of Christ. How much more should the believer find happiness in that they know the truth of Christ, which allows them to enjoy life like no other? Today many find happiness in television, music, the opposite sex, friends, family or work. The greatness of Christ’s truth is that the believer can always rely on the never-changing fact that Christ died for sinners to bring them to God. Knowing that this truth is the only way to God is what needs to be lifted high above all other pleasures that the believer may enjoy – for there is nothing greater than the absolute truth of our Christ.

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