Every Christian a Theologian?

Ligonier Ministries blog had a great series of posts recently taken from John Gerstner’s little book Theology for Everyman. Gerstner provides a compelling argument why ever Christian is a theologian. Here are the links to the first, second, and third posts.

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  1. Don Hinckley

    Dr. Gerstner was a great defender of the faith. I think Dr. Clark was more to the puritan view of apologitics. Give me clear thinking Gerstner over contradictory Van Til any day. I only wish Clark would have been taken more seriously by Dr. Gerstner. The apologetics of book of Dr. Gerstner does not rise to the ability of Dr. Gerstener( maybe Thomism limits his abilityy), of whom I love. My opinion only, I think I am correct, but I am still working to the truth of scripture and I think Dr. Clark is closer or correct.

  2. eagle

    I agree, all Christians are theologian but not all Christians have the same theology.Since their knowledge about divine being varies on how they interpret the Word of God and how they live as “Christians”

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