Favorite Authors and Seminary Differences

In a recent interview with Mark Dever, Darryl Hart suggested that Westminster (CA) students tend to be more historically focused while Westminster (PA) students tend to gravitate toward biblical theology.  Hart has asked students from each school which three authors they would prefer to have if stranded on an island.  The typical Westminster (CA) would prefer Calvin, Berkhof and Kline whereas Westminster (PA) students would select Vos, Ridderbos and Gaffin.

Do you think this assessment is accurate?  Which three (non-inspired) authors would you select?  Please comment and include your ecclesiastical affiliation and theological education (if applicable).

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  1. I would choose John Calvin, John Owen, and Jonathan Edwards. If I had two additional options, I’d go with Aquinas and Augustine.

    I am an Assistant Pastor in the PCA.
    I graduated from (gulp) 🙂 Dallas Theological Seminary, where my emphasis was on historical theology with Dr. John Hannah.

  2. I found that comment interesting too, Camden. If I had to pick one of those trios, it would be the latter; if I were to start from scratch, and if you’re only asking about rigorous and generally reformed theology (meaning I can’t include Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes), I’d take Luther, Edwards and Schlatter.

  3. Nicholas T. Batzig

    As neither a Westminster California or Westminster Philadelphia graduate, I probably fall somewhere in between. My three would have to be Calvin, Edwards and Vos. For what its worth!

  4. My first three choices would probably be Calvin, Vos, and Nevin, with Bavinck, Kline and Machen serving as alternates (B.M. Palmer and Wendell Berry would also be in there somewhere–wow, this is hard). The variety of authors is probably reflective of the variety of ecclesiastical and theological contexts of my pilgrimage. I am a licentiate of the OPC who started seminary at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and finished at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.

  5. Joseph Randall

    I’m from Westminster West . . . I’d read Piper (who explains Edwards to me understandably); D. A. Carson; and Puritans!

  6. At the moment I’d have to say Calvin, Vos, and Van Til. I’m starting up at GPTS this Fall so I’m not yet sure how that will influence me. Nick and I are already together on two of the three so I don’t foresee any major shift away from my current picks.

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