Gaffin Critique of Peter Enns

If D.A. Carson, Paul Helm, G.K. Beale (review and rejoinder), Peter Lillback, Lane Tipton, Scott Oliphint and John Frame were not enough, Richard Gaffin has now offered his critique of Peter Enn’s controversial work Inspiration and Incarnation. While there will most certainly be forthcoming critiques, this one carries sufficient biblical-theological weight to handle any arguments from those who downplay the Systematic Theological critiques. You can find the article here.

Dr. Gaffin has produced what is, in my opinion, the best critique of Inspiration and Incarnation. Gaffin critiques Enns’ conclusions from a historic Covenant Theology perspective that places the canon within its covenantal framework. All of the reviews listed above are–in part–working from distinctive theological perspective. For instance, Carson treats it from an OT exegetical perspective, Helm from a philosophical perspective, Beale from a epistemological perspective, Lillback from a Systematic/Confessional perspective, Tipton and Oliphint from a presuppositional and Christological-apologetic perspective, and Frame from a systematic (i.e. doctrine of Scripture) perspective. The combination of these, sometimes overlapping, critiques makes for a fairly comprehensive blow at Enns’ denial of biblical inerrancy. Gaffin’s biblical-theological critique is, in my opinion, the greatest blow to the hermeneutical error of I & I.

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