GPTS Spring Conference on Eschatology

I usually do not promote conferences on this blog, but I really think this will be a great one to attend. Every year Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary hosts a Spring Theology Conference. This year’s theme is “A Reformed View of the End Times.” While I do not think having an over emphasis on eschatology is good, my closests friends know how important I think eschatology is to theology and life. I will not be able to go to this conference but I would recommend it to anyone who could make it. The date is March 11-13 at GPTS in Taylors, SC. Speakers and Lectures are as follows:

Dr. Joseph Pipa: Preaching on “Heaven: The Saints Rest and Victory”
Dr. Sid Dyre: New Testament Eschatology: “A Reason to Live”
Dr. Benjamin Shaw: Old Testament Eschatoogy: “A People, a Place, and a Time;” and on “The Israel of Romans 11”
Dr. C. N. Willborn: “The Confessions View of Eschatology”
Dr. Derek Thomas: Preaching on “The Biblical Doctrine of Hell”
Dr. Cornellius Venema: “The Various ‘Isms’ of Eschatology,” and on “The ‘Israel’ of Romans 11”
Dr. Morton Smith: “An Overview of the Various Views of the Millennium of Revelation.”

Again, this looks like it will be a great conference. If you cannot attend you can order the audio at http://www.gpts.edu/.

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