Happy Birthday Martin Bucer!

Today is Martin Bucer’s 518th birthday. Bucer was the peacemaking Reformer, trying to bridge the gap between the strong positions of Luther, on one hand, and Zwingli, on the other. You can read more about him here. For those of you who like to read early 16th Century printings in Old English, here is Bucer’s work on Matthew 18:7, ‘Woe to the world because of offenses.”

HT: Josh Espinosa

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  1. Matthew Holst

    Bucer spent a significant amount of his life in Cambrdige, England, where I currently reside. The narrative of his death and burial is an interesting one.

    He died in 1551 and was buried in Great St Mary’s Church, right next to the market square in Cambridge. In 1556, under the reign of the Roman Catholic Queen Mary, his body was exhumed and taken outside the church and burnt to ashes. In 1560 under the reign of Elizabeth I, the road outside Great St Mary’s was swept to “recover” his ashes and re-inturned within the Church.

    In life and in death, the world hates the light of the gospel. But the light will always overcome darkness.

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