Iain Campbell Reviews Andrew McGowen’s New Book on the Inspiration of Scritpure

Thanks to Derek Thomas, over at Reformation21, who has drawn attention to Iain Campbell’s review of Andrew McGowen’s new book. McGowen’s long awaited work on Scripture essentially attacks the historic understanding of inerrancy and inspiration (Interesting how this seems to be at the front of many debates in the Reformed Church today). Campbell’s review is concise, and as far as I know, accurate.

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a theologian at the Twin Lakes Conference about McGowen’s book. He said that McGowwen has essentially told his readers that we have transcended the inerrancy debate. Basically, McGowen is not saying there are errors in the Bible (or at least not telling us what they are), nor is he saying that there are not errors in the Bible. What he is trying to do is to get his readers to look at the doctrine of Scripture in a different way. In brief, it is very similar to “the Bible is inspired not inerrant” debate of previous decades. Iain Campbell shows that McGowen does say that there are errors in Scripture, but that he never takes the time to say what those errors are. You can read the review here.

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  1. Roland Mathews

    Hey Nick,

    I just picked up the book to read, and am searching for items of interest on the web relating to it. Can you point me to the pages (generally) where McGowan’s more sustained attacks on inerrancy are found?

    Thanks chief.


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