Joel Beeke on Pride and the Gospel Ministry

Joel Beeke gave three pre-conference talks at the 2008 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. The second lecture had to do with the minister and pride. It is one of the most convicting and yet helpful messages on this subject I have heard. You can listen to it here. The other two messages will be available shortly. The first was on Temptation and the Intercession of Christ, and the third was on Receiving Criticism in the Ministry.

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  1. Joseph Randall

    Can you fix this link so that I can “save target as” and download the MP3 file to my computer?

    Much love,

  2. Nicholas T. Batzig


    I wish I could allow people to download this talk, but it has a copy write. I think you can call the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals to obtain a copy. It was a pre-conference for one of the PCRTs.

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