Jonathan Edwards’ Last Will and Estate Inventory

Rev. Jim O’Brien, pastor of Reedy River PCA just outside Greenville, SC, sent me the link to Jonathan Edwards’ Last Will, and the Inventory of his Estate. This looks like a fascinating document. The article was printed in The Bibliotheca Sacra vol. 33 (July, 1876) pp. 438-447.Here is an except:

First of all, I give and commend my soul into the hands of God that gave it, and to the Lord Jesus Christ it’s glorious, all-sufficient, faithful and chosen Redeemer, relying alone on the free and infinite mercy and grace of God through His worthiness and mediation, for its eternal salvation; and my body I commend to the Earth, to be committed to the dust in decent Christian burial , at the discretion of my executrix hereafter named; hoping through the grace, faithfulness, and almighty power of my everlasting Redeemer, to receive the same again, at the last day, made like unto His glorious body.

You can read the rest here.

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