More Than One Green Baggins?

For everyone interested in the ongoing FV debate a serious deficit will be felt online with the absence of Lane Keister. Lane is a teaching elder in the PCA who has been asked to serve as an assistent prosecutor in the upcoming PCA verse Louisiana Presbytery case. This was announced on Lane’s blog “Green Baggins” on Nov. 14. Now his site is called “Green Bagginses” due to the fact that he has asked four friends, who all know a good bit about the FV theology, to take his place until he is finished with the proceedings. The initial post can be found here, and the list of those replacing him can be found here.

Although those supporting the Federal Vision theology would like to have someone who knows absolutely nothing about their system, or about the case against the Louisiana Presbytery, or someone who does not have any concerns about the orthodoxy of their position serving on the Commission, the reasons why Lane is a suitable candidate can be found here. Though many of us will miss Lane’s thoughtful insights we are thankful that he is serving in this capacity. We are also thankful that there are four very capable men holding up the fort, so to speak, for him. There are also two posts Lane felt were necessary due to the temprary change of leadership. These can be found here and here.

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