Move Over Dr. Phil, Here Comes Dr. Geerhardus

Today at the CCEF Annual Conference, Mike Emlet spoke on addictions from the perspective of the New Testament. Mike spoke about the foundational starting point of the believer’s union with Christ. Christ’s death is our death to sin and his resurrection is our resurrection to newness of life. It is this reality that provides the context for our struggle with sin. Mike’s lecture was extremely encouraging and my Vossian ears perked up when he brought union with Christ up. Though most people don’t realize it, CCEF is very heavy on the importance of union with Christ in counseling.

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  1. Rob

    This is encouraging! For one gets the impression that the indicative is the domain of the RH preachers and the imperative is the domain of CCEF and New Life preachers. Perhaps with preachers like John Piper, though union is a part of the indicative with the historia salutis this good emphasis on union is the glue that brings the indicative and imperative together. One can only hope that the “meat cleaver” effect of separating the indicative from the imperative will dissipate.

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