NCPC Video and the Future of the Reformed Forum

New Covenant Presbyterian Church has added video to its web ministry. Several of these sermons will also appear on the Reformed Forum. In addition to these videos, the Reformed Forum is planning on filming Christ the Center. This ministry is dependent on the support of our listeners. None of the contributors benefit financially from this work they do for the Forum, but are dependent on support from listeners for the equipment that makes this ministry possible. We have included many helpful details in our  Christmas support letter. Below you will find the video of the sermon Rev. Nick Batzig preaching on John 6:15-21. The title of the message is, “Ruler of Creation.” We hope you are blessed by all the ministries of New Covenant Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Forum. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Bob McDowell

    Caveat Postman!


    A word is worth a thousand pictures!

    1. Out here in the boonies, video isn’t that great because of bandwidth problems.
    2. I rarely sit still to listen. I’m listening while I do [fill in the blank]. If I have time to sit down, it’s more profitable to read rather than to watch.
    3. The more technology there is to fool with, the more it shapes the discourse. Our EFCA church recently bought an LCD projector. The kid running it accidentally re-booted the PC during a song, so most of the song was a solo by the garage band (excuse me, “worship team”) while we watched the machinations of GUI world marched across the screen. (Being an old UNIX man, I’m greatly prejudiced against Micro$oft Window$) Suited me just fine– it was one of those tepid and trivial Jesus-is-my-boyfriend songs whose words I don’t sing.

    Best wishes for your video, but I probably won’t watch much.

    P.S. I must admit some use for the visual. Before I found pictures of the Reformed Forum gang, I imagined that Jeff was a gaunt, black-haired man of about 55 with a 5 o’clock shadow. (His voice reminded me of the Sam the Eagle on the Muppets.)

  2. Timothy Dietz

    Hey Nick,

    I think this is great. It was good to be reminded of your enthusiasm for Christ by seeing it in your face. Although, I REALLY wish you used youtube instead of motionbox (or vimeo for now) for 2 reasons: a) I would like to be able to watch it on my phone and youtube is the only service supported (compatible with many mobile platforms). Vimeo just started support for the iphone, but it is limited to the staff picks at the moment. 2) You will receive far more exposure on youtube than the other sites. Of course vimeo or motionbox is better for embedded content, especially because you don’t need to split up the files, but you should consider youtube.

    The ultimate would be a video podcast through itunes (which I guess is what CTC will be doing??), which would be far better than the above suggestion.

    P.S. I think you need some big ferns behind you. haha.


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