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This is very exciting news! Ronald Alexander, son of the Rev. Eric J. Alexander has constructed a website in honor of his father’s life and ministry. You can access it here. You will find a biography, sermons he preached at St. George’s Tron during his 20 year ministry , and links to other resources. This site will be a great blessing to the church since Rev. Alexander is one of the best gifts Christ has given His church in our day. Among the sermon series posted are those on Job, Daniel, Malachi, The Sermon on the Mount, Galatians, and 1 Peter. There are also topical series on Acceptable Worship (John 4), Call to Clarity (Matthew 16), School of Discipleship (Studies in the Life of Peter), The Bible, The Godhead and the Church, Words from the Cross, Knowing Christ, Scripture in the Life and Teaching of Jesus, and The Doctrine of Salvation (Ephesians 1). All the sermons that Rev. Alexander preached at the Tron will be online here in due time.

You can also find other sermons and lectures by Eric Alexander here .

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  3. Nicholas T. Batzig


    I have started with the series “Words from the Cross.” The seven sayings of Christ on the cross are some of the most powerful portions of Scripture for building our faith. At least, that’s where I started. They will all be worth listening to. I am planning on listening to the series on Galatians next.

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  5. I was digging through old tapes that the seminary has and found some great stuff from Eric Alexander: for example a series on Romans. When I get a chance I will be converting them into MP3s.

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  9. Harry Droogendyk


    Will you be passing those Romans .mp3 files on to the curators of this site so they can be made available to the rest of us?! We’d certainly appreciate it if you could!


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