Of Making Many Books There is No End Recommendation List #2

Here is a brief list of some lesser known Biblical Theology works that are very useful:

(1) Charles Colcock Jones’ History of the Church of God During the Period of Revelation. Rev. Jones was a Southern Presbyterian Minister and Theologian of the mid-1800’s. You will not find this work anywhere (if you do please email me at nbatzig@gmail.com and let me know you have found one so that I can make you an offer on it!) I have a photo-copy of it and will be glad to make copies–at your own cost–for anyone who would be interested. The value of this work is that it is a blend between a systematic and biblical theology. This is one of the finest treatments of pre-Vos biblical theology that has every been written. Highly recommended.

(2) Thomas Peck’s Notes on the Apocalypse. These two short articles are found in volume two of Peck’s miscellanies (reprinted recently by Banner of Truth). These two articles were taken out of a series of lectures that Peck produced on the book of Revelation. For anyone interested in the study of the Apocalypse these lectures, full of biblical theological insight, are phenominal.

(3) Bishop Theophilus Herter’s Abrahamic Covenant in the Gospel’s. Bishop Herter was a professor at the Reformed Episcopal Seminary until his death in the 1990’s. This work was his doctoral disseration done at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. The book is still in print and can be purchased by telephone through the Reformed Episcopal Recorder (http://homepage.mac.com/klock/ChristChurch/pubsocmain.htm). If you live in the Philadelphia area you can pick one up at the Philadelphia Theological Seminary (which used to be the Reformed Episcopal Seminary) in Bluebell, Pa. If you order by phone, you have to send a check or give a credit card over the phone, and then you have to wait eight weeks till the book comes in the mail (or you could go to the store in Philadelphia and buy a copy on the spot). All this is to say that it is well worth the effort to get this work. Herter very ably shows how the Abrahamic Covenant is the basis for all of God’s Redemptive Historical dealings in the New Testament. I cannot overemphasize the value of this book!

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