Paul Helm on the Importance of Propositions and Definitions

I think it would be a fair assertion to say that I am a huge fan of Biblical Theology. At the same time, I find it dangerous to make the assumption that the Bible is simply “story” rather than also being revealed “propositional truths.” This is a massive subject, and one that I do not have time to go into here, but I would like to recommend Paul Helm’s post on propositional truth. Helm is not debating the “story” verse “proposition” issue but he is emphasizing the importance of systematic theology and propositional truth. You can access this post here.

There is another very valuable article by Helm on the subject of “definitions.” Helm is interested in defending the need to define and is seeking to expose the arguement that it is only the “theological know-alls” who care about defining everything. He, very intuitively, explains that the “theoretical verse practical issue is a red-herring.” Here is the link to this post.

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