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Please Watch this video and pass it on to friends and family. If you have a blog please post it. This is one of the most important messages that anyone could speak into our culture. Let us pray that the Lord puts an end to this great evil:

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  1. Matt Holst

    I agree with everything John Piper says concerning abortion in this release. One little thing however, which is only slightly less alarming and disturbing than abortion itself, is that John Piper wept for joy over the election of President Obama.

  2. Jeff Waddington


    Actually Piper says “some of us wept for joy” which is probably a diplomatic way of saying either he himself didn’t but others did or that he wept for joy that a black man finally was elected to the White House, although the character of the particular man was troubling.

  3. I took it the way Jeff did. I think it was probably a reference to the fact that we have a black president in a historically racist nation. Still, I understand your concern about the statement Matt. I hope President Obama sees this video and repents.

  4. Right. I think that Piper is probably giving expression to the weeping over what should be an untarnished triumph for our nation, yet which is tragically marred by his abortionist stance.

    Great video.

  5. I think Piper could perhaps be saying that it unfortunately took the election of an extremely radical abortionist like Obama to point out to some, the evil of abortion, and to emphasize the importance of the issue to those who may be “on the fence,” about whether or not abortion is wrong.

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