Preaching Christ from the Proverbs (Lecture)

With the resurgence of interest in biblical theology and redemptive-historical hermeneutics I expect that we’ll see more work being done to promote a consistent covenantal and canonical approach to preaching various portions of Scripture in a Christological way. This is especially necessary with regard to those portions of the OT that have largely been misunderstood or mispreached out of zeal for applicability to Christian living. One such area in which biblical theology desperately needs to be applied is in the realm of wisdom literature. With the rise of ANE studies–by which the canonical approach is beinging jeopardized–it is imperative that conservative biblical scholarship turn its attention to a covenantal interpretation of the OT. In this respect, I am excited to announce that my good friend Matthew Holst, minister of Geneva OPC in Woodstock, GA, will be delivering a lecture titled “Preaching Christ in the Proverbs” at the Reformation Worship Conference at Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, GA this Saturday. Matt will be speaking this Saturday, October 22 at 3:15. I heartily encourage anyone in the Atlanta area this weekend to go and listen to Matt. I know that this will be a profitable and edifying lecture for anyone seeking to understand how to read the wisdom literature in a Christological way. You can see a brief outline for Matt’s lecture here. Hope you can attend!

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