Remember the Old Paths

The Willison Center is a great resource of sermons and speaches by many Reformed and Presbyterian Ministers of the 18th and 19th Century in America. The site is dedicated to informing readers about the Christian foundations of this nation. Though we would have to agree that this country was not exclusively a Christian nation (since we were, from the beginning, governed by Deists and Universalists, as well as true believers) we also have to acknoweldge the vast influence of goldy ministers and politicians throughout the brief history of this nation. The Willison Center has done a wondeful job of gathering important documents that show the influence of the Reformed Faith on the political scene of this nation. You can access these sermons and links here . If you scroll down to #6 “Miscellany…a page of short selections: ” you will find a treasure chest of out of print Presbyterian and Reformed sermons and writings. Enjoy!

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