Sinclair Ferguson Sermons and Lectures – PCA General Assembly

The following are sermons or lectures that Sinclair Ferguson gave at various PCA General Assemblies. The second message, “The Heart of the Gospel,”  is a sermon he preached at the 2005 PCA General Assembly. Philip Ryken said that he believed this to be the best sermon he ever heard preached. You can read his thoughts here. The other messages were given at an Assembly service or at a Westminster Confession Conference.  If you would want to purchase these or more that were given at various PCA General Assemblies you can order them here. You can purchase the following Ferguson talks below:

Blessed Assurance & Bickering Theologians: A Doubtful Debate?

The Heart of the Gospel

The Law Justified: The Westminster Assembly And The Law Of God

Wednesday Worship Service – 2000

MNA Church Vitality Dinner 2004

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