Stephen Nichols on Jesus in America

Stephen J. Nichols has written a book that every professing Christian living in America should read. Jesus Made in America: A Cultural History from the Puritans to the Passion of Christ is a masterful work tracing the cultural representations of Jesus in American history. Whether it was Jonathan Edwards, Johnny Cash, or the Jesus People, Jesus of Nazareth has been subject to a broad spectrum of representation. Nichols book is a scholarly, historically detailed and analytical work that leaves the reader wanting to know the real Jesus Christ. In some respects, this work is similar to Mark Driscoll’s Vintage Jesus. Nichols, however, takes the cultural analysis to a new level showing the cause and effect implications of cultural representations (or misrepresentations) of the Savior of the world in America.

Below you will also find a video of Derek Thomas interviewing Stephen Nichols about this book:

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