T. Desmond Alexander Audio Lectures and Sermons

T. Desmond (Desi) Alexander is one of my favorite theologians. I have greatly benefited from his books and articles. His most recently released From Eden to the New Jerusalem should be required reading for every ministerial student and pastor. Dr. Alexander’s forthcoming book  Discovering Jesus: Why Four Gospels looks like it will be a great help to those  who wish to grow deeper in their knowledge of the Gospels. There are several lecture series which can be ordered from Union Theological College’s Institute for Christian Training where Dr. Alexander is the Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies. When you click on the title of each lecture series, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can listen to the first lecture in each series. There is also a free handbook that you can download to see where he goes in each of the courses. The following lecture series are available:

Christ in All the Scriptures
Christ in the Old Testament
Design and Destiny: Getting to Grips with Genesis
Exploring Exodus (Dr. Alexander is set to write the Exodus Commentary for IVP’s Apollos Commentary Series. I assume that much of the lecture material will find its way in. Dr. Alexander also wrote the Exodus material in the NBC 21st Century Edition)
Why on Earth: Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes
Fulfillment and Followers: Mastering Matthew 1-13
Jesus Christ from Four Perspectives (same material as in forthcoming volume Discovering Jesus: Why Four Gospels)
Life’s Ultimate Experience (Rev. 21-22 – Same Material as in From Eden to the New Jerusalem)
Unwrapping Grace

Here are a few sermons available to download from Fitzroy Presbyterian Church where Dr. Alexander is a ruling elder:

Naomi: Tasting the Bitterness of Life
Life After Death (John 21)

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  1. Steve

    Good link. I started listening to the messages on Genesis this morning.
    Reconciling the creation account in Genesis with general revelation is one of the biggest points of theological confusion for me right now – I would love to know how you all have resolved this in your own minds?
    As always, thank you very very much for CTC!

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