Text, Context, Cultures PHD Program

Texts, Contexts, Cultures is a new departure in graduate research and training in Ireland. It offers candidates a multi-disciplinary PhD programme delivered in co-operation between Arts and Humanities research institutes at Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and NUI Galway. The programme investigates the most basic component of Arts and Humanities research – the text as material object.

Texts, Contexts, Cultures offers a structured research path to the completion of a fourth level degree. It allows candidates to engage with the research knowledge and skills of scholars from three universities. It encourages candidates to develop their research interests, ideas and skills in challenging, supportive interdisciplinary contexts. Their research interests develop through a series of foundation year modules which are delivered at participating institutions by online learning media and video conferencing. PhD candidates have the benefit of wide-ranging guidance from supervisory panels comprised of leading scholars in discrete and related fields, as well as opportunity to share and present research at unique academic events.

Texts, Contexts, Cultures offers candidates extensive opportunity to develop national and international research networks through a series of seminars and colloquia. Across the network of participating institutions, students participate in the events and programmes of the Long Room Hub (the international resource for Arts and Humanities research at Trinity College Dublin), The Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies at NUI Galway and at The Graduate School of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences at UCC. Participants also take advantage of the postgraduate exchange scheme available through the island-wide collaboration, Humanities Serving Irish Society.
Texts, Contexts, Cultures is designed to prepare students for life after graduation. Participants benefit from a career training scheme that provides thorough preparation in research skills transferable to a wide variety of settings. They also have access to placements and mentoring systems in a broad range of some of the most exciting contemporary organisations in media, the cultural and creative industries, public administration and academe.

Candidates must apply directly to the institution from which they wish to graduate, and may apply for its relevant funding schemes. The closing date for all schemes is 1 April 2010. Full details are available at www.textscontextscultures.ie.

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