The Bible Is Not About You

Well, that is only partly true. The Bible actually has a lot to say about you, to you and for you; but, the Bible is fundamentally about “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” How then can we understand the substance of the Scriptures as God understands it? Tim Keller does a good job of briefly explaining what the Bible is about in the video below:

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  1. nick batzig

    I should not have posted a video with images of what Jesus supposedly looked like. That is clearly a violation of the second commandment. So when you see the pictures just think “Hey, that’s John the Baptizer, or Simon Peter.

  2. Tom Chapman

    What a great video. Thanks for posting. Funny you should say that about the 2nd commandment because I was thinking that if I could post it on FB that I would put a warning for those with low 2nd Commandment thresholds. (I don’t see an issue with it here). Do you have a way this can be posted on FB or other sites? Was it somewhere else originally that might have it?

  3. TC Phelps

    This is really, really good. The only improvements I can think of (dare I think that Keller can be improved upon!): 1. The Bible is about you only insofar as it reveals your sin (Law). 2. The Bible is really about Jesus Christ – who He is and what He’s done – FOR YOU (Gospel). Those last two words, FOR YOU, are needful, I think, lest some preachers end up brilliantly lecturing about redemptive history and the person and work of Christ w/o actually preaching Christ.

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