The Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Our own Jeff Waddington recently spoke at the University of Delaware on the subject of the historical reliability of the Gospels. I, for one, admire Jeff’s faithfulness to the authority of Scripture and his much needed emphasis on the God who has spoken. You can read the full manuscript here. This is a series of lectures or debates which in the past has included such speakers as Michael Behe (Darwin’s Black Box), Phil Johnson (Darwin on Trial), Bill Edgar (Reasons of the Heart), and Alvin Plantinga (Warranted Christian Belief). Jeff says he felt like a midget standing on the shoulders of giants.

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  1. Timothy Dietz

    Jeff, I read your article twice, and I really appreciate the time you took in doing this work. My biggest criticism is that I wished you wrote more! I also wanted to encourage you that I gave the article to a friend of mine who grew up nominally Hindu, the son of a philosophy professor, who I’ve been teaching the gospel to repeatedly for some time. He is excited to read it, and I know it will be used to further our discussions and bring glory to God. Thanks!

  2. Jeff Waddington

    Unfortunately there was no audio recording made of the lecture. And since I was only given two weeks prep time and spoke on a topic I myself was rusty about, I realize all too well the shortcomings of the lecture. To do each of the sections justice, I should have had three lectures and been able to fill out the material. As you no doubt know, there are plenty of resources to do it. If the Lord is able to use this paper for good I am very glad.

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