Together for Adoption 2008 Conference Audio

Here are the complete audio files from the 2008 Together for Adoption Conference, together with some audio files on the subject of adoption given at various locations:

Sermons by Dan Cruver, Director of Together for Adoption:
New Sermon: The Good News of Adoption (43:32)
The Cosmic Significance of Adoption (1:15:10)
From One Generation to Another (Psalm 145)

Speakers are listed below in alphabetical order:

Bennett, Daniel : The Glorious Grace of Adoption

Bradley, Anthony : The Power of Delight

Cairns, Alan : The Spirit of Adoption

Garland, Charles: Adoption (Galatians 4:1-7)

Garner, Dave : It’s All in the Family: Adoption and Conformity to Christ (52:52)

Lincoln, Mark : Heirs with Christ: The Glorious Doctrine of Adoption

Mahaney, C.J. : God as Father: Understanding the Doctrine of Adoption in God’s Word

Moore, Russell : But Are They Brothers? The Spirit of Adoption and the Unity of the Church

Piper, John : Predestined for Adoption to the Praise of His Glory

Robertson, George : Adoption

Roley, Scott : The Doctrine and Ministry of Adoption

Stinson, Randy : Adoption Through Christ

Taylor, Justin : Adoption within Redemptive-History (23:35)

Thomas, Derek : The Testimony of the Spirit of Adoption

Twit, Kevin : The Doctrine of Adoption (pdf outline )

Yeats, John : The Biblical Model of Adoption

HT:Dan Cruver

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