Vos On Never-Failing Enjoyment In God

Commenting on the book of Hosea, Vos wrote:
Jehovah strengthened Israel’s arms and taught her to walk [7.15]; although the Giver of all nature-blessings, of corn, wine, oil, silver, gold, wool, flax, Jehovah is distinguished from the Baals, in that He has something more and finer to given than these:  loving-kindness, mercy and faithfulness [2.19]; in reality He gives, in and through all these things, Himself after a sacramental fashion [2.23]; He is personally present in all His favours, and in them surrenders Himself to His people for never-failing enjoyment.
Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology, Old And New Testaments (Carlisle:  Banner Of Truth, 2007), 261.

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  1. Rev. Batzig,

    Thank you for sharing this quote on your blog by Vos. It is truly amazing and encouraging to think of how God’s majesty, self existence (He alone is the living and true God, not Baal) and love are met together in Christ and His finished work (signified in “the sacramental fashion”). This quote seems to capture this truth well.

    Do you heartily recommend Vos’s Biblical Theology, Old and New Testaments? I am not familiar with this book…

    God bless you,

    Chuck Fry

  2. Thank you, Joseph. I have read Michael Horton’s “God of Promise,” which is an introduction to covenant theology. I really liked it and had to pause at times and worship God for the majesty of His covenant of redemption and how this is worked out in history. Truly glorious!

    If you have read this book, how would Vos’ work compare to Horton’s book?

    Thank you for whatever help you may give.

    chuck fry

  3. Joseph Randall

    Hey Chuck,

    I have read Dr. Horton’s book, and I found it very helpful as well. Honestly, it has been a while since I’ve read them, so I can’t comment on comparing the two except to say both are helpful works on covenant theology. Horton takes a decidedly more Klinian view of things than say Murray or O. Palmer Robertson’s Christ of the Covenants. Nick could probably help you more on this question. He remembers a lot more than I do 🙂


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