Warfield’s Personal Copies of Hodge’s Systematic Theology

Talk about an interesting find:

“I recently found Warfield’s copy of volumes 1 & 3 of Hodge’s Systematic Theology on Internet Archive. A quick glance shows lots of underlining (which is highly unusual in books formerly owned by BBW), but a fuller inspection would be needed to see if there is any annotation. I assume volume 2 will follow shortly.

Volume one can be found here.
Volume three can be found here.

Also available is a volume of questions that Hodge used to assign to his students. It is edited by his son A.A. Hodge. It includes a marvelous Introduction by AAH outlining the different ways theology can be structured. It covers many authors. It can be found here.”

Having followed up on these volumes I came across B.B. Warfield’s personal copy of Herman Bavinck’s Stone Lectures. You can see that here.

HT: James T. O’Brien

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