Ben Stein’s New Movie on Intelligent Design

Check out this trailer on Ben Stein’s new movie “Expelled” (http://www.expelledthemovie.com/video.php). Though there are serious difficulties with the intelligent design methodology (i.e. the fact that most I.D. scientists do not appeal to Scripture as their basis for the most significant revelation of the Triune God) this movie looks like it will be very interesting. I would also add that this could be a useful tool for evangelism if your co-workers or fellow classmates go to see this film.

Thanks to Tim Challies (http://www.challies.com/) for posting a link to this trailer.

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  1. lovemydesignergenes

    I just spotted the Ben Stein movie today!

    If I remember, he is a devout Jew who is also a renaissance man in diverse fields (law, finance, comedy, politics to name a few).

    There are MANY MANY comments already on the Expelled No Intelligence allowed site as some of you have seen.

    His movie will be of great value in stirring up this most important discussion on the Mars Hill of this culture…the MEDIA!

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