Of Making Many Books There is No End Recommendation List #5

In light of the recent posts on Reformation 21 by Carl Trueman(here)
and by Sean Michael Lucas on his blog (here) I thought I would list two volumes by a Southern Pesbyterian that are definitely worth having:

(1) Stuart Robinson’s Discourses of Redemption. This is another Southern Presbyterian Biblical Theology of note. This, in addition to C.C. Jones’ Church of God, was written almost 50years prior to Geerhardus Vos’ masterpiece. The book is composed of several essays on revelation in the various stages of Redemptive History. His eight points on Genesis 3:15 shows how valuable an addition this book will be to your library.

(2) Staurt Robinson’s Church of God. There is perhaps no better nor more concise treatment of covenant theology and ecclesiology than Robinson’s work. Preston’s biography of Robinson, A KIngdom Not of this World, is a helpful accompaniment to this work. If you want to know why the Southern Presbyterians thought missions should be done on a Local Church and Presbytery level and why the church should not be engaged in Political or Social issues this is the book to read.

Sadly, neither of these books are presently in print. I have a copy of each and will be glad to send you a photo-copy of either at your cost for copies and shipping.

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