Of Making Many Books There is No End Recommendation List #6

Since most all of the valuable systematic theologies are in print, it seems that it would be superfluous to recommend anything that everyone already knows. I would like to recommend a few books over the next couple of days that deal with one or more aspect of systematics that would be worth having:

(1) Gerard Wisse Christ’s Ministry in the Christian. Everyone intersted in Christology really should have this on thier bookshelf. I learned about this book from Dr. Joel Beeke, who tells his students about lesser known Dutch works that are of the same ilk as earlier Puritan works. The book is laid out, very simply, in a three layered grid. Christ’s three offices are traced through the three stages of redemption as set forth in the Heidelberg Catechism (man’s misery, redemption, and gratitude). Wisse builds the content of his work in the following manner (Christ as Prophet in man’s misery, Christ as prophet in man’s redemption, Christ as prophet in man’s gratitude, etc.) You can find a few copies on the net (bookfinder, Abebooks, Addall, Ebay, half.com). You have to look around for it. It usually goes for about $11.00-15.00 and is well worth the cost.

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