Of Making Many Books There is No End Recommendation List #7

Time to recommend an autobiagphy or two. While there are not too many autobiographical works to recommend let me remind you of two that are of supreme spiritual benefit:

(1) John Bunyan Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners While I am sure that many who read this are familiar with this work I want to emphasize its value. Bunyan records his struggles with his own personal trust in Christ (stuggles I would point out that were often unnecessary and overly introspective) and his battle to find rest for his soul. The depth of Scriptural insight, experimental religion, and comfort that can is found in this work is unsurpassed.

(2) Thomas Halyburton (sometimes spelled Haliburton) Memoirs of Thomas Halyburton Almost as good as Bunyan’s autobiography, Halyburton offers his readers a deep sense of the importance of conversion, a rich demonstration of pastoral wisdom, and an amazing mastery of Scripture. This is one of my favorite books. Reformation Heritage Books republished it a few years ago and you can still find some copies floating around on the internet. I highly recommend this work to any man going into the ministry.

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