The Exodus and the People of God

For some time now I have been interested in the typology of Israel in relation to Christ and the NT church. Among the books I have found helpful are David E. Holwerda’s Jesus and Israel: One Covenant or Two, O. Palmer Robertson’s The Israel of God, Hans K. Larondelle’s Israel in Prophecy: Principles of Prophetic Interpretation, and Meredith Kline’s Kingdom Prologue. James Dennison also wrote a very helpful article that appeared in Banner of Truth Magazine, Issue 171 – December 1977, pp. 6-11, 32. This particular article is titled “The Exodus and the People of God.” You can read it here. There are variations of this concept in the writings of N.T. Wright, James D.G. Dunn and Peter Leithart as well. The problem with the later authors is that they fail to see the fulfillment of the moral demands of the law in Jesus Christ as the federal representative of His people. This is the beauty of the biblical teaching of Christ, as the true Israel, who obeyed the demands of the law in every way that Israel failed. I have written an article considering some of the typological structures of Israel in relation to Christ in the Gospel of Matthew. You can find that article here.

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  1. Rob

    Actually, the author of “Jesus and Israel: One Covenant or Two” is David E. Holwerda not James Holwerda. There is a nice commendatory blurb on the back cover by Dr. Poythress.

  2. Nicholas T. Batzig


    Thanks for catching the typo. It really is a great book. It is no surprise that Poythress would recommend it. Everyone should read it. I do find the historical section wanting in scholarship and accuracy, but the theological sections are unsurpassed in value for this subject.

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